Tips and Common Questions


Q. Can I still keep an About Me page on eBay? Should I?

A. Certainly, and you should because you want to promote yourself in as many places as possible. Just remember that beginning September or October 2008, what you may include in an eBay About Me page will change. The new rules are in flux and unclear. So be prepared to change your eBay page on a moment's notice. And put yoour best page somewhere lese and link to it from here.

Q. Can I host my About Me page on

A. Not presently. We will consider supporting that if enough people ask for it.

Q. Can I make a directory listing for an eBay ID that I don't control?

A. No. That might be unfair trade practice. To avoid that, you must demonstrate that you control the eBay ID being opted in by placing a "validation phrase" of our choosing on the appropriate eBay About Me page.

Q. Is FindMySeller concerned about the content of web pages I link to?

A. No. That's your business and your responsibility.

Q. How can I compose a link to my FindMySeller directory page so I can easily lead buyers to it?

A. Try something like

Find me uncensored at <a href=""></a>

which renders as

Find me uncensored at

Q. Could I set my alternate venue link to someone else's store instead of my own?

A. Yes, if you wish. Someone who is not a seller might want to direct people to their favorite store or web site. Someone who is a seller might yet want to link to a friend's store. Its up to you.

Q. Where can I host an About Me page off eBay?

A. You probably have many free or cheap page hosting options.

  • If you already have a domain name and a domain hosting service, then you can store your About Me html on that host, and link to it from When you have your own web site, this About Me page could be an integral part of that web site. Or it could be a special page that is not linked to by your web site.
  • Check with your ISP (your dialup or DSL provider) to see if they offer free file storage as part of your account. If they do, then store your About Me html that way, and link to it from
  • If you have an account on FaceBook, My Space, Squidoo, etc., you can treat that as your About Me equivalent, and link to it from
  • Services like offer free space for web pages. You could create a page at such a site and link to it from

Q. Why will buyers know to look for me at

A. Because you will tell them to. You might send them a link or say "I can give you better information privately - look me up at"


Q. Can buyers create off-eBay About Me pages and link to them from

A. Certainly! Read the FAQs for sellers for ideas.


Q. eBay announced on July 31, 2008 that they rescinded their decision of May 2008 to further restrict the Links Policy. Doesn't that mean that everything is ok now and there is no longer a need for the FindMySeller directory?

A. I don't understand it either. Its not clear anyone does, even those at eBay. eBay has many interlocking policies, and has announced numerous changes to them. The "Links Policy" says it is about content of listings, so reinstating the pre-May version does not necessarily mean that an About Me page can include an email address or a link to an encyclopedia of Sterling hallmarks.

Consider the bigger picture. eBay has shown that they are prepared to suddenly make confusing and far reaching changes to restrict what you can say. Present promises are no assurance of future decisions. It seems then that the prudent course is to post what you want to say about yourself in a place that will not be later censored.

Q. Why would anyone ever shop outside of eBay?

A. eBay's reputation is changing from "The best place to buy everything" to a "good place to buy some things." In part, this is a conscious choice eBay has made. For example, eBay has banned the sale of entire broad categories of uncontroversial and honest wares, like magazine subscriptions, digital content, and items priced at less than $1. People used to sell these things on eBay, and customers still want them. So buyers have no choice but to shop off of eBay.

If you are a seller, it makes sense for you to put a sign in a public place. Tell potential customers know where to find you and show them the things that you don't sell on eBay.

Q. Why would anyone ever look outside of eBay for information about my eBay activities?

A. For those who want to trade exclusively on eBay, it still makes sense to use off-eBay resources to assist that trade. Its a no brainer that people use and should use search engines like Google to find products on eBay. So we know that off-eBay information is a good tool. But its also important because sometimes eBay cannot accommodate the kinds of information needed to foster trade. For example consider a seller of hallmarked silverware who wants to document the pieces he offers by linking to an online reference work illustratings true hallmarks. Because eBay forbids such links from eBay, such critical information must be put elsewhere.